Formal Acknowledgement of VPFMA

23.05.19 Presiding Officers letter to VPFMA – Passing of Acknowledgement Motion

The VPFMA welcomes correspondence from the Presiding Officers confirming the Parliament’s official acknowledgement of the VPFMA as the representative body of former members as recommended by Deakin’s research Transitioning to Life After Parliament.

That this House recognises the Victorian Parliamentary Former Members Association
Incorporated (the Association) as the representative body of, and advocate for, former
members of the Victorian Parliament, and —
(1) acknowledges the contribution made by the Association and its members to
supporting former members of Parliament and improving their post-parliamentary
(2) welcomes the role of the Association in encouraging former members to maintain
the contacts, associations and friendships established during their tenure as
members of the Victorian Parliament;
(3) endorses the role of the Association in establishing relationships with kindred
organisations within Australia and internationally;
(4) recognises the Association as a principal stakeholder, and advisor, in the
development of welfare and post-parliamentary career programs for members of
the Victorian Parliament and endorses the relationship that has been established
between the Parliament of Victoria and the Association on all matters affecting
former members of Parliament.

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