Deakin Review

The VPFMA Committee commissioned Deakin University to research former Members of the Victorian Parliament in relation to their post Parliament transition experiences. The Committee will receive the Deakin report titled “Transitioning to Life After Parliament” at a special preview event before the annual lunch on March 30 at Parliament House. Members attending the lunch are […]

Wellbeing and Support Sub-Group Report

The Wellbeing & Support Sub Comm. is chaired by Andrea Coote and over the last couple of years we have contacted over 30 MPs who walked down the steps of Parliament following the 2018 elections, about 3/4 of these were defeated MPs. Before starting this process we receive training from Parliament House staff about the […]

President’s Report

A year ago, holding our AGM by Zoom, we anticipated that it would be a “one-off” and that we would shortly get back to a more normal year of activities. It was not to be, however, and we have completed another year of virtual meetings and limited interaction. We made plans for today’s meeting to […]