Former Members Outreach Program



The VPFMA will again be contacting by phone exiting members of the Victorian Parliament early in the New Year as it did after the last State election.  VPFMA members Andrea Coote, Hugh Delahunty, Geoff Howard, Jeanette Powell, Nina Springle and Victor Perton are getting ready to make the calls that can help colleagues in their sometime difficult transition.

As previously advised, the VPFMA has learnt that there are many former Members who would really appreciate a phone call or a visit from former colleagues.  Some of these are isolated at home and others are now living in Residential Care.

Building on our very successful program of contacting (by phone) former members of Parliament who left the Parliament from 2014 to 2018, the committee of the VPFMA have decided to establish an informal outreach program.

We previously invited people to let us know if they would either like to be visited by a former colleague or would welcome a phone call as well as former Members who would like to visit or call former colleagues.  Now that we are in a post-COVID “normal” we plan to reactivate this proposal and will contact those who previously volunteered.  To date a number of successful visits have taken place.


At this stage this is a pilot scheme and we will expand it once we see the interest in such a program.

Should you wish to participate or know of someone who would welcome such an approach please contact the VPFMA Secretary John Lenders on 0418 566 053 or



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