Nina Springle


AdvCert Prof Writing & Editing 1991 (Frankston TAFE). BA 2003 (Deakin). Cert 2 Assessment & Workplace Training 2005 (Frankston TAFE). Master of International and Community Development 2006-09 (incomplete) (Deakin). Leadership, Organising & Action: Leading Change 2012 (Harvard Kennedy School).


Social and Community Development Consultant with CARE and ME; VICSEG, WIRE; Chisholm TAFE; interim CEO AsbestosWise 2014; Senior Policy and Project Officer, Centre for Excellence for Child and Family Welfare 2013.


Victorian Greens


Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens
Spokesperson for Families and Children
Spokesperson for Family Violence Prevention
Spokesperson for Waste
Spokesperson for Multicultural Affairs
Spokesperson for Women
Spokesperson for Youth Justice
Spokesperson for Ageing
Spokesperson for Industry and Trade
Spokesperson for Employment and Industrial Relations
Spokesperson for Small Business
Spokesperson for Digital Rights


References: Victorian Parliamentary Handbook. Personal information.