Parliament House Access Information

Guest Access to the Parliament: – From the Serjeant-at-Arms

For security reasons, the Presiding Officers in the previous Parliament introduced a new automated visitor registration system for all guests of passholders visiting Parliament House. Passholders include members, Former MPs and staff.

The expectation is that passholders pre-register their guests prior to their visit so the Parliament can keep a record of all visitors to Parliament House. This is to ensure that the passholder is accountable for their guests should anything untoward occur during their visit. This procedure has continued into the current Parliament.

Some guests can be pre-registered on the Parliament’s intranet site. Those guests who have not been pre-registered are registered by Parliament’s staff once they have passed through security screening.

Former MPs cannot access the Parliament’s intranet site, which means that any Former MP bringing guests into Parliament House will have their guests registered by the customer service staff.  This involves entering the names of the passholder and their guest(s) into a database. The only information required is the names of the Former MP and their guest(s) and a phone or eMail contact for the Former MP.

If the guest of a Former MP arrives unaccompanied at Parliament House to meet with that Former MP, they will be asked to wait inside the Vestibule or at the foyer to the rear entrance (depending on where they arrive) until the Former MP arrives. Once the Former MP arrives, their guest will be registered and it is expected that the Former MP escorts and remains with their guest(s) at all times.

This new requirement applies to all guests of passholders. The requirements for visitors who are not guests of passholders is even more stringent and requires the visitor to present identification before being admitted.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact either the Serjeant-at-Arms ( or the Usher of the Black Rod (

Former MP General Access to the Parliament:-Former MPs can use their passes to access Parliament House during office hours and the grounds between 6:00am and Midnight.  However, the sole entry points that can be accessed outside office hours are the pedestrian and vehicle gates on Macarthur Street.


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